Last Modified: 12/30/2008
 contact: Chipp Walters
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Welcome to the Altuit RunRev website. Here you'll find lots of examples, source code and techniques for doing all kinds of fun stuff in Runtime Revolution and MetaCard. Enjoy!
About this website
I use this website to collect and archive useful information about Runtime Revolution and Metacard. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, these products are programming tools which combine the ease of use of a scripted interpreter with the power and speed of a compiled runtime. The best part is they both run on Macs, PC's and all flavors of UNIX including Linux. It's kind of like a cross between HyperCard and JAVA - but only better and easier.
This website is created and maintained using our own (and extremely affordable!) website creation tool called Hemingway.

If you havn't yet subscribed to the RevCentral newsletter, then you should, as it's a great way to stay up to date about what we're doing here at Altuit. Our esteemed editor, Dan Shafer, also offers his opinions on what's new in the Rev community.

-Chipp Walters, Altuit, inc.

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