Last Modified: 6/27/2004
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Building Icons for MacOSX and WindowsXP
Vector Artwork
Start by creating the artwork (I use a vector application, like Flash, Illustrator, or Freehand). I typically rough in a drawing, then add ramped gradations. This artwork was done completely in Flash. Export from Flash as .eps into Photoshop-- there is a bit of color adjustment which must be made. Use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer (group w/previous layer).
Import to Photoshop
Add a drop shadow, then merge visible layers. Here's the image which is rasterized at a smaller 120 x 120 resolution, then the canvas is resized to 128 x 128 in order to be able to add a drop shadow.
IconBuilder is a plugin for Photoshop 6 and above. I currently use it with Photoshop 7. You can download a full-working demo copy from:

Once the image is rasterized, open the IconBuilder Grid.psd file, then import the icon artwork to the center of the 128x128 purple square.
The icon should be the selected layer.  Next, run the Convert 128 to others Action (it comes bundled with the plugin, but needs to be manually installed), and it will create all the other icon sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16.

Also, I generally select all the icons (but the 128 x 128) and apply an Unsharp Mask filter to them.
IconBuilder Plugin
Launch the IconBuilder plugin. Make sure the settings are as you see below. You can option-click on the QuickBuild button which will automatically build all the icons for you using the different sizes which were created on the layer by the previous action. Make sure the platform is Mac and the filetype is set to .icns File. Then press the save button and export your icon file to someplace safe. You'll use this file in the OSX build settings screen in Revolution.
Building icons for Windows XP
While still in the Mac version of Photoshop, once again launch the IconBuilder plugin. This time, choose to save using the platform Windows and XP Only as the type. Typically all the icons will be built except the 16 x 16 icons. To make them, scroll around in the Photoshop Layer pane, then build them by shift-clicking on the QuickBuild button. Then save them as an .ico file. This file can be used by Revolution to build standalones.

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