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Vodcasts are video podcasts which you can have delivered right to you anytime a new one is created. They work with iTunes. If you don't have iTunes, you can still view the videos below.

I've chosen a small window size format for a number of reasons. First of all, I do plenty of zooming around on the interface, so you should be able to see enough of what is going on to want to try it yourself. And when you do decide to try it, the window is small enough you can work side by side with Vue open. Lastly, the size just also happens to be perfect for Video iPods as well as the web.
SolidGrowth Solid Color Plants Recently, I was trying to create a solid flower colored plant species using Vue's SolidGrowth plant editor-- and found to my dismay how difficult it is to create. Most of all the originating flower 'base plants' all create a variety of colors when used with EcoSystems. In fact, even the single color Bonny created multiple colors when not white. I finally was able to craft a solution using the Primose as a base species. This 5:40 video explains it better than I can here.

SeaVue tutorial Many of you may know of Monsoon's SeaVue kit for Vue. I've had it for awhile, but wasn't quite sure how Mark Lawson (Monsoon) was able to squeeze such incredible images from it. So, I asked him to show me, and then I created this 28 minute tutorial based upon his generous tutelage.

You will need to download the associated ZIP version of this instead of watching it LIVE. Once downloaded, please unzip and click on the SeaVue.html file to launch.

Adding Decal Maps in Vue: Beginner This tutorial walks you through setting up texture maps and decals in Vue. Total running time: 12:11 (Requires Flash)

You can only download a zipped copy of this tutorial.

Adding Decal Maps in Vue: Advanced This tutorial walks you through building a metablob vehicle and setting up advanced decal texture maps in Vue. Total running time: 18:18 (Requires Flash)

You can only download a zipped copy of this tutorial.